Chris Difford

The Musical

Fancy Pants!


A play with music by Boo Hewerdine

lyrics by Chris Difford.


A Brief Introduction

Over the past six years I have been writing songs with Boo Hewerdine, mostly in our spare time. Boo and his friend Chris Pepper have then been recording demos in Cambridge and sending them to me, its been a fantastic on and off recording session via the internet. The process consisted of me sending lyrics to Boo and he demoing the song, sending it to me from his phone and me calling him with approval. Boo and Chris Pepper would then build each track on the hoof. Reluctantly I would sing whenever there were gaps in my diary, and slowly the songs began to bloom into the story that you hear today.

Last year we reached a crossroads and decided to add parts for other people to sing, and so Kathryn Williams, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Andy Caine dropped by to kindly share their talents. My part was written for David Essex, but he turned us down at the last hurdle, so i stepped up to the mic instead. I never thought we would end up with 22 songs and a story that twists and turns so much, but here we are, and my hope is that it fulfils our original ambitions from the very beginning.

With the support of close friend Peter Bradley we have managed to push the boat out and make the best record possible, with Peter’s generous financial backing none of this would have been possible. The final process of the record has taken us into the studio this time with Jon Kelly who has mixed and balanced the whole project so brilliantly, everyone can now relax.

We plan to book a handful of shows next year, and possibly stage the album at the Edinburgh Festival 2017. A very exciting BBC Radio play with these songs also looms somewhere in the next room. With Pledge Music our aim is to return the investments made in full and deliver a record that will bring happiness into peoples lives. I really hope you like the songs we have created and that you support us with all of our goals.