Lyrics Chris Difford.

Music Boo Hewerdine.

Production Boo Hewerdine, Chris Pepper and Jon Kelly.

Mixed by Jon Kelly.

Chris Difford as Alan.

Boo Hewerdine as Ray.

Beth Nielsen Chapman as Maria.

Katherine Williams as Cathy.

Andy Caine as Terry.

Chris Difford Vocals.

Boo Hewerdine guitars and Vocals.

Chris Pepper drums keyboards and things.

Beth Nielsen Chapman Vocals.

Kathryn Williams Vocals.

Simon Foster Vocals.

Sarah Ozelle backing Vocals.

Shelly Poole backing Vocals.


Neill MacColl guitars.

John Parricelli guitars.

Melvin Duffy Peddle Steel Guitar.

Kevin McGuire Double bass.

Steve Nieve keyboards.

Jim Watson keyboards.

Ben Hewerdine Keyboards.

Gustaf Ljunggren Brass and Strings.

Dowsing For Sound Collective Choir.


Executive producers Peter Bradley Jnr and Steve Lewis.

Management for Chris Difford

Rachael Payley and Julian Wright for Rocket Entertainment.

Recorded over the internet and in Cambridge, Eastbourne and London.

With Thanks

Chris would like to thank his Wife Louise for understanding the white shirt and supporting him through the thickness and the thin. Thanks also to mangers Rachel Payley who must be obeyed and Julian Wright. Thank you to the kids in America and East London, and three in a field. A very big thanks to Peter Bradley who was brave enough to roll with the changing landscape of this project. Steve Lewes and David Rowell and Andy Collins. Thank you Boo and the whole cast for being mad enough to try something a little different. Love to Glenn for answering my add and over the years helping me to become the writer and performer that i seem to be today.

A hobby realised is a job well done. Like painting an Airfix kit before gluing it together.

The past has no power to stop you from being present now.
Only your grievance about the past can do that. ET


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